Funding Sectors


  • Provision of equipment, training materials and books;
  • Infrastructure development (libraries, laboratories, hostels, staff houses and school blocks) in tertiary/university education institutions and technical colleges; and
  • Provide a Merit Bursary for secondary school pupils which is only given to the best boy and best girl from each of the 33 educational districts in Malawi as determined by the Malawi Government Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations. As the term implies, bursaries are awarded on a merit only and not on any other basis.  Therefore, parents are urged to encourage their children to work hard at primary school level if they want to benefit from the Bursary.


Support in this sector is given mostly to communities and Government/public hospitals and includes
  • Construction of complete health centres;
  • Construction of clinics, maternity units, guardian shelters and other structures as the need may be; and
  • Providing drugs, linen, furniture and hospital equipment including purchase of ambulances.


Press Trust supports rural housing schemes which benefit the very vulnerable groups in rural areas especially the elderly and rural electrification projects.

Social Welfare

  • Construction or rehabilitation of gravity-fed piped water schemes in rural areas;
  • Construction of flea markets in the major urban centres of the country;
  • Supporting organisations which look after the welfare of the physically and mentally challenged; and
  • Supporting rehabilitation of street children and youth programmes.


Press Trust provides limited support to all sporting disciplines in the country.

Preservation of cultural heritage sites; and
Promotion of arts.

Scientific Research
Research into poverty cycles;
Skills transfer; and
Supporting institutions conducting research with an immediate impact on the people of Malawi.

Environmental Conservation
Conservation of flora and fauna; and
Supporting efforts to minimise environmental degradation.

Good Governance
Enhancement of democracy; and
Anti-corruption awareness.

Disaster Relief
Press Trust generally supports Government efforts in the relief of victims of flood, hunger and other disasters declared as such by the Government.

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