The Mandate

Press Trust is a Trust Fund governed by the Press Trust Reconstruction Act of 1995 and administered for the benefit of the people of Malawi. The operations of the Trust comprise management of commercial investments and funding social development programmes.

The Trust derives its donor capabilities from a diversified commercial investment portfolio in both listed and unlisted companies. The Trust has invested in banking and financial services, insurance, hospitality, diverse goods and services, telecommunications, manufacturing, agro-processing and property.

The Trust utilises the resources it derives from its various investments to fund social development programmes throughout the country which fall within the four priority funding areas of health, education, social welfare and housing.  It also funds the following sectors of sports, culture, scientific research, good governance, environmental conservation and disaster relief.

Our Vision

Our vision is to play a pivotal and dual role of a development catalyst in line with the Nation’s aspirations and that of the leading indigenous philanthropic institution which aims at improving the welfare of Malawians.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide charitable support to individuals and or institution which, with active community participation, can contribute significantly to the development of Malawi.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all communities throughout the country benefit from the Trust Fund.

Our Values

We take full responsibility for the decisions and commitments we make, the actions we take and the outcomes of our efforts. We sincerely believe and accept that our performance will be judged on these.

We always try to reach decisions by following clear and visible procedures and processes. Our consensus Board approval method is rigorous and as fair and unbiased as is humanly possible. We believe in providing clear information in our reports regarding the position and performance of the Trust.

We always act honestly and openly and we are trustworthy and consistent in all that we do. We act fairly in accordance with the law and principles of good corporate governance and we uphold the highest ethical standards.

We treat others as we would like to be treated and we continuously learn from the strength of our diversity. We actively listen to others and recognize that everyone has a contribution to make